My Civic Duty is to Share this

I might be best friends with you, whoever is reading this blog right now, or I might be a complete stranger to you. Still, whether I know you or not, I feel obligated to share this amazing video with anyone I can possibly get it to. It is life changing, hysterical and a true reflection of a 90s child who learned how to video edit.

Here is this miraculous video


I am always looking for funny videos, but I think this takes the cake over anything ever created


Have a funny video you’d like to share? Please comment a link to it!


Goodbye calc, hello Saturday Night

77I need to be honest right now. Confession time. I just did absolutely horribly on my last calculus test. Normally, I would say it was just this week, that next week I would bounce back. The thing is, though, I am not bouncing back. So I’ve decided to make a bold move and change careers. No more am I going to deal with fake mathematic equations and annoying mole conversions, no sir. I am going to drop out and become a player on SNL

Listen. I know what you haters are saying right now: “You’re not funny” “Who will you do impressions of?” “How will you pay for rent?” which my response to those in order is as follows: 1) get da heck outta here 2) anyone with short hair (bonus points if it’s a preteen pop star) and  3) I’ll live in the vents of the studio for free.

I am taking to heart the expression “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry” I will make no plans, and therefore be fine. I will have no plans to screw up, so there will be no complications. That’s just how physics works. I don’t make the rules.

A lot of the players have been on for a while, anyways. Their time is up. Move over, it’s time for a new, younger, brighter star! I am here to make people laugh, make people jealous and to make out with Pete Davidson. He deleted his twitter so I’ve been trying to contact him via commenting on his Instagram pictures. For some reason, he hasn’t been responding. Regardless, I’m going to get the job, get the guy, and win at life. I’m a millennial, is that not how things work around here in the good old U.S. of A.?

If you are reading this right now and laughing at the improbability of it all, keep laughing. I’ll be laughing when I rule late night comedy, have Michael Che’s phone number, and Instagram pictures of Kate McKinnon. Sure, I might literally have to eat rats to survive, but at least I’ll be making fun of college kids doing calculus instead of being the college kid being made fun of. I don’t need that kind of negativity in my life.

Alright, back to your regularly scheduled program. Wishful thinking time is over, and I have to go back to memorizing inverse trig functions.

Have a day dream you long for when your daily life just isn’t doing it for you? Please share. 

Stress is a constant state of existance

Stress is located in between my eyebrows, about half an inch back in my skull. It really happens when my forehead is creased for a long period of time, so especially  when I am confused. Of course, this happens frequently during college when exams are back to back or I have a paper due soon.

I know what I am supposed to do to combat stress: eat right, exercise, and relax. All things that sound like great ideas; I just don’t have the means to do that. No time to go every week to the grocery store to by organic, perishable, expensive food that makes my body happy. I do have 3 minutes and 2 hot sauce packets from Taco Bell to make some delectable and sodium saturated ramen or mac and cheese. Finding the motivation to go swim or walk all the way to the rec center in these subzero temperatures (we’re talking Celsius right now) is extremely hard. I would love to swim every day and go to the rec every so often, ride my bike around; I’m even considering taking up running when it gets warmer, God help me. But the time to that just does not fit in my schedule. I have time right before I go to bed, which is around 1:30 or 2. Surprisingly, most gyms aren’t open at that time. 

Going along with the absolute lack of time in my schedule, I have no time to relax! That’s probably the reason I am stressed out in the first place! I get frustrated or upset because I have so much to do and so little time, and Health Promotions is telling me to take time out of my day to meditate. Where the heck am I going to do that once I am out and about for the day? In the middle of an Einstein Bros. café? I think not.

Yesterday, though, I was stressed. That migraine between my eyes I was talking about? That was an ever present force in my day for the entire time I was out. Every so often I would force my eyebrows to relax, to unscrunch themselves, so I could try and massage it out. Did not work one bit. I felt like I was on Death’s door, and probably looked it, too. So I decided to do something I really hadn’t done since the first or second week of this semester: I went for a swim.

It was magical. I already love swimming, but to do that mindless exercise for half an hour was beautiful. I was thinking about nothing-calculus was far from my thoughts (okay, it might have come up once or twice. I can’t escape, but do you blame me?). I love water. I already know this; I used to play water polo, I was a lifeguard. It never fails to elate me, just jumping in the water and floating around. The only better sensation is the bone-deep tired I felt once I was done. I had treated my stress to the best of my abilities, and when I came back to the dorm, I continued with this treatment. I read a couple of chapters of Packing for Mars by Mary Roach. Then, while reading I took a little nap. Worth it.

Concept: Me in an apartment with 2 cats, a low stress job, getting enough sleep
I don’t have a lot of time, but if I have time to be stressed, I’ll have to make time to release the stress. I found a decent way to do so. It might not be the most time efficient, but I count what hours I can get to myself as best I can.


Do you have a great way to relief stress? It could be something as silly as sitting on Facebook and watching funny cat videos, or as introspective as mediation. Please share!

If you wake me up at 7:00 it had better be worth it

Part of going away from home and entering the adult world is deciding what is worth effort and time. Especially when there is a high stress situation, wasting time on meaningless tasks just because you feel obligated to is ridiculous and dumb. I can’t believe that I have fallen prey to that particular scenario so many times.

For example, earlier today, I went to a Women’s Leadership Conference and nearly fell asleep. It wasn’t that the material was boring; it was that it was 830 on a Saturday morning and I was day dreaming of my bed. I have three tests next week and a final draft of a paper due on Thursday, so after the keynote speaker finished her spiel, I decided to leave.

The Honorable LaDoris Harris did have a lot to say and said it very eloquently when addressing us. I was interested in hearing how her engineering degree got her into the US government. She was appointed by President Obama! She spoke on how she climbed the ranks at GE, how her position afforded her the recognition to work for the government. She is currently working on a book about all different types of women and what women can do for society. She was very passionate about women in the STEM fields, which I appreciated greatly. All in all, that was the best part of the conference

Besides the free lunch.

The reason I left was because that monstrosity of workshopping was not at all what I had in mind when I signed up. I expected hands-on activities, not sitting around a table talking about strengths like some sort of business meeting. I am an 18 year old girl who stays up late and wakes up early!!! On Saturday mornings I need to be stimulated in order to learn!!! If I had organized it, I would have put the girls into small groups, done ice breakers and trust exercises to wake everyone up. My brain isn’t meant for hours upon hours of talks, with only two bran muffins and some water in my system. That atmosphere was poisonous for me.

I don’t know how much I would have gotten done if I had stayed at the conference, then taken a nap when I got back to my dorm. I probably wouldn’t have even written this blog post. But I left early, wrote this blog post, talked to a friend, then napped until 630. Not my most productive day, overall, but not my least, either.


have an experience that you thought was a waste of your time? please share!!!!

The Perils of a Clueless College Freshman

It is my second semester of college and I still don’t know what I want to do. Granted, I am still a lowly freshman, but I have learned so much about myself in the last 6 months. Shouldn’t I know myself well enough to know what I want to do? I must be more elusive than I thought. I might be looking in the wrong places for my satisfaction, but where to even start the search?

I am trying to enjoy my studies, but when it feels like I am being pummeled down by a prizefighter, any bright side I find will still be very dark. I am in the Speed School for engineers. I hate myself, can’t you tell? With 8 am calculus tests every Tuesday and quizzes every Thursday, I can’t win. Even if I understand a particular unit, within the next week my mind will have to be whitewashed and prepped for new paint. Even worse, there is still physics and chemistry. Good grief, the pain chemistry is causing me. I don’t understand it, plain and simple. I hope I’ll never have to use it in the ‘real world’ but… What if I have to know the ∆H formation value for my fob interview? Or what the formation of a long chain of silicon will look like? My fears, unfounded as they may be, are relentless.

However, I am enjoying the English class I’m taking, and I’ve come to adore the freedom it allows me. Sadly, it seems that this is as far from engineer as I could get. There is a lot of freedom in what I could do, at least when it comes to writing papers, although what I would do with those papers is a mystery to me;  I think I would at least be happy. In engineering, there is always a right answer and a certain way to do something. Yes, there may be a small number of ways to do something differently, but there is still little wiggle room. It seems like a dead end to me.

Even going into engineering, before coming to college, I knew I didn’t want to end up a traditional engineer. Working on the floor of a plant or using theoretical physics to figure out how to make a saw better just doesn’t call to me. I hoped to do what my parents did, use my degree as a spring board and try to find something I am marginally good at. The idea of me being good or skilled at something that others would pay money for seems unlikely.

Me after being asked what I want to do when I grow up

I am so, so afraid for the future. I try to look at myself ad try to determine what I want to do, but it seems darn near impossible. I don’t know what I want, and I am so afraid that what I want doesn’t exist. Adulthood is lurking nearer every day, and all I want from life is to go back ten years and drink the hot coco my dad nuked in the microwave. It was so easy, so simple, that I never even gave it a second thought. In fact, I probably resented a fair bit of my life. Being young was easy in a way I never appreciated. To enjoy adulthood, I’ll need to find something worth my pain, worth the work. I just wish I knew what it was now.

Any advice to be given to me would be greatly appreciated. Anything said will likely leave me in a better place than I am now.

Other sources

Carter tells U.S. Athletes of Olympic Boycott” is a summary of why and who boycotted. It wasn’t very content rich, but gives a brief synopsis of the history of the boycott.

The US Holocaust Memorial Museum has a wonderful exhibit that puts into great detail the racism of the Nazis and Hitler, as well as horrifying pictures that capture the antisemitism.

Jimmy Carter’s Disastrous Olympic Boycott” divulges more into the politics and press influence of the decision to boycott. Reading about how the press could stand behind such an act was, for me, stomach churning. Perhaps because the Cold War has passed and I have no fears of the ‘reds’ taking America over, I don’t understand why a boycott would be a good idea. What the government did to keep the athletes from traveling seems quite communistic to me.

The Game the Nazis Played” By David Clay Large was an extremely powerful dissection of the racism and the perception of the games by the average informed individual. He digs up facts and tidbits that remind me that nothing is ever as it seems, especially when portrayed by the media. It was a very powerful piece, reminding us that freedom can be shown through rose colored glasses.

Olympics Bring Back the 1980s in Russia” By Leonid Bershidsky explains why the Soviet Union and present day Russia may still have a lot in common. The Sochi Olympics are shown as mirrors to the oppression felt in 1980.

Summary of “Boycott” by Tom Caraccioli and Jerry Caraccioli

Map of Boycotting Countries 1976-1984
This just shows how entrapped the world was during the Cold War in the politics of the games.

The 1980 Moscow games stood out to me as a time of politics pissing on the world and her citizens. Please excuse the rude wording, but it is absolutely true. The Carter Administration chose to demand an ultimatum from the Soviets, remove their troops from Afghanistan or we will not compete. I find it ironic that Russia could demand full evacuation of American troops from Afghanistan or ban them from the winter games, and it would be almost an identical situation. The difference is that in the 80s, the US and USSR were seen as the superpowers of the world that no one could contend with, whereas now, both these statuses have either disappeared, or been passed on to another country, like China or Germany.

Personally, as an athlete, reading the interviews of runner Don Paige and swimmer Sue Walsh, I felt angered on their behalf, and now view Carter as a horrible president. The Olympics were meant to be a time of peace with no politics involved, just competition between the world to showcase their amazing athletes. The author’s not at the beginning of the book states that this book was the story of the athletes of the stolen summer. It truly was a stolen summer, as many of these athletes were at their prime and would not be able to compete in the next Olympics. The Carter Administration clearly did not have a grasp on what the Olympics were supposed to be about, and threw away years of training from each individual athlete they barred from the Olympics, and that was the worst decision they could have made.