Orlando and Solidarity 

Like many in the world, I am shocked and saddened by the massacre in Orlando yesterday. The world should not stand by, watching idly as an NRA controlled Congress debates and then shelves the argument until the next mass shooting. The citizens of the United States should no longer tolerate any hate speech, especially when directed to people of color or to members of the LGBTQ+ community. ANY hate speech, even one indicates indifference toward either of these communities, needs to immediately be stopped and immediately corrected.

A comment of indifference may sound like this: “I don’t care what those people do, as long as I don’t see it.” This is one of the worst things someone can say or let pass. Speech like this tells every bigot that they are not the freaks, the people they hate are the freaks. Microaggressions, something as small as “remaining neutral” sends a message.

In the cause for LGBTQ rights, you are either with us or against us. This issue is black and white, even if our flag isn’t
Is there a neutral for LGBTQ people, when the media represents only the white straights? With this, not talking about sexuality may confuse those who cannot understand what they are feeling. Bisexual people, like me, might not understand they are attracted to the same gender because people have said bisexual people are just gay men or women who are afraid to come out completely. I, myself, did not even consider that I might be bisexual until I learned about the Kinsey scale in AP Psychology. I just thought everyone liked to look at boobs and my desire to be with girls was just a desire to be close friends.

I am choosing now to come out publicly as bisexual is in solidarity with the victims of Orlando and because I want anyone who reads this to recognize it is not something to be ashamed of. I do realize there are many stereotypes floating through your head now. Cutting my hair short did not make me this way, and I am not more likely to cheat on my partner. I am not more promiscuous than a straight person. Honestly, the reason I waited so long to come out was because I’d never been in a real relationship with a girl before; but I’ve never been in a real relationship with anyone!

To anyone who is contemplating if they are a part of the LGBTQ community: the fact you are unsure if you are straight or cis is likely an indicator. Coming out to yourself is the hardest part. Once you do that, that is all that matters; there is no reason to prove your sexuality to anyone else but yourself.

If you ask me what I identify with, I will likely say I am queer. Always have been, recently realized. I stand with the victims in Orlando and will do everything in my power to work for better gun control and LGBTQ rights so tragedies like this do not happen.

please remember this is an opinion and this does not represent the sentament of the entire LGBTQ+ community

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